The Godless Age

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Rivalry: The Godless Age is a new online roleplaying system developed by cory allan and co. to facilitate easy play using chat and IM, as well as optional additional features such as voice and video.



Magic is outlawed, now, on Ladis. A series of containment centers, known as Homes, rehabilitate those who choose to participate in the illegal and illicit act of performing magic. Magic is also seen as barbaric and primitive, and technology has come to replace most everyday magic uses. Besides religious and medicinal purposes, you would be wise to keep any interest in the arcane arts... private.

The ancient kingdoms of the North and South are no more, and since the Fall of Enoch in 765, there has been a surge of kingdoms which come and go like the tide and moon. Presently, the King of the West and Maester of Porte Kimm Hiterting has taken to landlocking the continent, allowing no new immigration from Ladis' island in the western waters and declaring those "of colored skin and questionable origin" a "public nuisance." This policy has caused a rise in the murder of Mythics, and has created a rift in the factions of Ladis between the West and the East.

The Eastern Kingdome regards itself as a republic democracy, reforged and rebuilt after the ancient Southern city of Yalek was retaken from Enoch. Though it was speculated the kingdom could never return to its former glory without Enoch's mastery of the arcane, Ancient Defenders of Yalek - as they would later be known - took to the streets and offered whatever they could to reestablish the city after the war. Using new technology developed thanks in part to the education Enoch ensured every Yalekian undergo, the ancient Yaleks began a technological boom that would last for two hundred years.

These days, Easterners - historically Yalekians - remain highly educated, though the physical disparities known between their ancient adversaries - the Balnorians - has vanished. Now, they are known to fight for the everyman, and deplore the King of the West and his tirade against Ladis' progress. Despite the disdain, the East lacks the sheer force to overwhelm the King and his control of the sea. Though the East possesses the coast, the ports around the world have been owned by the King for the last 30 years.

- The History of Ladis, 789